Who We Are

The Glen herd is owned and managed by Mike & Joy Gadd and is run on the property “Glenview” which is located in the Upper Murray Region of North East Vitoria, adjacent to the township of Walwa.
The 800 hectare property supports 550 breeding cows, plus heifer replacements as it is a self-replacing herd. Sale bulls, steers and surplus heifers which are either sold for live export, to feedlots or grass fattened to supply MSA Angus Beef brands are also grazed on the property.

The average annual rainfall is 800 mm and the property has J BASS 8 Johnes Disease status, which allows for breeding cattle to be consigned to all Australian states.

An annual bull sale is held on the property on the 3rd Friday of September.

In a nut shell...

800 hectares
550 Breeding Cows
100 Angus Bulls sold annually
15 Angus Infused Grey bulls sold annually

We have a rich history...

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