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Enquires & Inspections Welcome
Principals of The Glen, Mike & Joy Gadd. Mikes mobile 0427371347

The Glen’s 52nd Annual bull Sale will be conducted on Friday 16th September, 2022. Agents will be Elders, Corcoran Parker and Ray White. The sale will be interfaced with AuctionsPLUS

Enquires & Inspections Welcome
Ian Peake, Cattle Breeding Program Manager – 0448244050

Featured will be progeny of the following elite Angus sires;

Ai Sires

Baldridge 38 Special USA18229487
Murdeduke Quarterback Q011 CSWQ011
Baldridge Alternative E125 USA18837398
Sydgen Enhance USA18170041

Natural Service Sires

Ardrossan Legend P52 NAQP52
The Glen Keystone P21 GMJP21
The Glen Napoleon N374 GMJN374
Ardrossan Capitalist Q193 NAQQ193
The Glen Intensity Q320 GMJQ320
Ardrossan Initiative P202 NAQP202

All bulls sold from The Glen are routinely recorded or checked for:

  • Tagged at birth.
  • Weighed at 200 days and 400 or 600 days.
  • Scrotal measured at 400 days.
  • Parent verified through Neogen.
  • Genomic information analysed through Angus Breedplan for increased EBV accuracy.
  • Tested or Free Untested for recessive genes.
  • Vaccinated with 7 in 1 for clostridial diseases and leptospirosis.
  • Vaccinated for Vibriosis.
  • Tested negative for persistently infected pestivirus.
  • Vaccinated for Pestivirus
  • The Glen is a JBAS 8 herd for Johnes disease. Cattle are eligible for consignment to all states.
  • Independently assessed for legs, feet, temperament and structure by Holbrook Veterinary Centre.
  • Frame Scored for maturity pattern and Muscle Scored by Holbrook Veterinary Centre.
  • Independently scrotal measured, semen checked and assessed for fertility & breeding soundness by Holbrook Veterinary Centre.
  • All bulls are transferred to purchasers, both on the NLIS Database and the Angus Australia database.
  • Triple identified with NLIS tag, management tag and freeze brand.

Delivery of bulls purchased at auction at The Glen’s Annual on Property Sale is free to the local area and major centres in Vic, NSW, Qld & SA. 50% freight subsidy is provided for cattle consigned to WA & Tas.