Despite the eventful start to 2020 in the Walwa district, preparations for The Glen’s 50th Annual On Property Bull Sale to be conducted on Friday 18th September are on schedule.

Click the image below to view the catalogue

A video of the sale bulls will be available here during the week commencing 17th august. A supplementary catalogue will be available here during the week prior to the sale.

Featured will be progeny of the following elite Angus sires;


Landfall Keystone K132, TFAK132

Pathfinder Genesis G357, SMPG357

Rennylea L519 (by HPCA Intensity) NORL519

Rennylea M768 (by Sterita Park Black Jack) NORM768

Rennylea Ambassador F857, NORF857

Lawsons Sure Fire M618, VLYM618

The Glen Magnum M147, GMJM147

The Glen Navigator N203, GMJN203

Enquires & Inspections Welcome

Principals of The Glen, Mike & Joy Gadd. Mikes mobile 0427371347
Ian Peake, Cattle Breeding Program Manager – 0448244050

All bulls sold from The Glen are routinely recorded or checked for:

  • Tagged at birth.
  • Weighed at 200 days.
  • Weighed and scanned for Rib & Rump Fat Depth, Eye Muscle Area & Intramuscular Fat at 400 days.
  • Scrotal measured at 400 days.
  • Sire verified through Neogen.
  • Genomic information analysed through Angus Breedplan for increased EBV accuracy.
  • Tested or Free Untested for recessive genes.
  • Vaccinated with 5 in 1 for clostridial diseases.
  • Vaccinated for Vibriosis.
  • Tested negative for persistently infected pestivirus.
  • The Glen is a JBAS8 herd for Johnes disease. Cattle are eligible for consignment to all states.
  • Independently assessed for legs, feet, temperament and structure by Holbrook Veterinary Centre.
  • Frame Scored for maturity pattern and Muscle Scored by Holbrook Veterinary Centre.
  • Independently scrotal measured, semen checked and assessed for fertility & breeding soundness by Holbrook Veterinary Centre.
  • All bulls are transferred to purchasers, both on the NLIS Database and the Angus Australia database.
  • Triple identified with NLIS tag, management tag and freeze brand.

Delivery of bulls purchased at auction at The Glen’s Annual on Property Sale is free to the local area and major centres in Vic, NSW, Qld & SA. 50% freight subsidy is provided for cattle consigned to WA & Tas.


Bulls are also available for private sale.